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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What about Rav Buchs made him stand out to the committee?

A: Rav Buchs stood out to the committee from our first meeting and throughout the subsequent process with his deep knowledge of Torah and Halacha, engaging teaching style, and nuanced and thoughtful approach to community issues and psak. Feel free to reach out to the committee members for personal anecdotes on the interview process and our feelings towards Rav Buchs.


Q: How fluent in English are Rav Buchs and Hadassah? 

A: Both Rav Buchs and Hadassah are completely fluent in English. They were both born to Olim and grew up speaking English at home. Rav Buchs lived in the US for a few years as a child and has taught many English speaking students at Migdal Oz over the past 8 years. 


Q: What is Rav Buchs’ approach to hashkafic issues?

A: We don’t want to do a misservice in repeating his views, but rest assured that the unanimous feeling of the committee is that his hashkafa and approach would be an ideal fit for our community.




Q: Why was Rav Buchs the sole candidate brought forward to the community?

A: The committee went into the process with a very open mind regarding the final number of candidates that would be brought forward to the community, and some committee members initially felt very strongly that multiple candidates should be brought forward. However, over the course of the process, the organic outcome was that Rav Buchs’ combination of a Halachic approach in tune with the mainstream of the community, combined with a nuanced, unifying and emotionally intelligent understanding of situations, led to the unanimous agreement within the committee that Rav Buchs should be the sole candidate brought forward. The committee felt that it would be unfair to the community, as well as to the other candidates, to bring forward additional candidates in whom the committee members did not have full confidence, just for the sake of putting multiple candidates forward.


Q: What will happen if Rav Buchs’ appointment is not approved by the community?

A: Regardless of whether the community approves Rav Buchs’ appointment by the requisite two-thirds majority or not, the current committee’s responsibilities will have concluded. As such, and in line with the Kehilla’s constitution, the Va’ad will decide on the next steps including if/when to restart the search process and whether to create a new committee or to task the current committee to re-open the process.


Q: Has Rav Buchs agreed to employment terms?

A: Yes. A high-level understanding of the principal terms of employment has been agreed upon between Rav Buchs and the Kehilla (contingent upon receiving the requisite approval from the members of the Kehilla).


Q: What is the proposed date for Rav Buchs to start should his appointment be approved by the community?

A: Rav Buchs would start his position of Rav Kehilla during the Summer of 2020. 


Q: What would Rav Buchs’ involvement be from the approval of his appointment until the Summer of 2020?

A: While we have not reached a final agreement, the committee, in close coordination with the Vaad, have begun to discuss the best options/ideas and hope to have more information by the community meeting.



Q: What would Hadassah's involvement in the community be?

A: Hadassah would not be employed by the shul but she is extremely interested in contributing to and being involved in the Kehilla by utilizing her background in Chinuch or otherwise. 


Q: Would the community still have opportunities to give divrei torah and chaburot?

A: One of the most important findings of our survey was that the Kehilla expected to share Divrei Torah duties with a rabbinic appointment. Whilst we envisage Rav Buchs sharing Torah every Shabbat, the community would continue to be involved in teaching Torah. There are numerous unexplored opportunities for both the community and Rav to share Torah.


Q: Would Rav Buchs move to Kaiser/Shimshoni or just come for Shabbat? 

A: Family Buchs would move to Kaiser/Shimshoni in order to fully fulfill the roles of the Rav as identified in the community survey and outlined in the job description.


Q: How would Rav Buchs balance his teaching job at Migdal Oz with the job as Rav Kehilla? 

A: As the time commitment of the Rav Kehilla is on Shabbat as well as some weeknights, and Rav Buchs teaches at Migdal Oz during the days, there would be limited time conflicts between the two positions. 

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