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Darchei Tzion is a vibrant and rapidly growing community that combines the strong sense of communal responsibility, passion and drive of Olim from across the world with the spirit and values of Eretz Yisrael. This unique blend of cultures and experiences inspires the Darchei Tzion community to look outwards and impact the wider community in Israel. Darchei Tzion serves as a home to an ever growing population of new members of all backgrounds and has a magnetic mission of impacting others, and as such, the community is in need of a larger home.

As a Modern Orthodox, Religious Zionist community, we take pride in being active participants in Shivat Tzion, as many Darchei Tzion members have made Aliya in recent years and have become active and contributing members of the Israeli society. At the same time, Darchei Tzion is home to an increasing number of native Israelis and the Kehilla benefits from incorporating such a wide range of backgrounds into one vibrant community.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community!





We are constantly striving to best serve our young members, making sure that they are cared for, educated and entertained, as well as welcome in the Shul setting.

Each Shabbat we host 4 different children's services and throughout the year we host social and educational events to complement the Jewish calendar. Past events include Chanuka parties, Megilla plays on Purim, and Horim V’Yeladim learning on Shavuot.

The Hospitality Committee ensures that the physical and emotional welfare of the community is cared for. With many of our members being relatively new Olim, with no family or relatives in the city, we endeavor to make them feel welcome in their new home. This includes sending welcome packs to new members, meal rotas for new olim, new babies, ill health or bereavement. 

The mission of the Chessed Committee is to elevate KDT into a community that not only provides a place for Torah and Tefilla, but also has a wider benefit to the city, country and Jewish People. Through events and fundraisers, the Chessed committee infuses a sense of mutual-responsibility into various aspects of the community.  Past events include a Kol Nidrei Appeal, fundraising  trivia night and children's cookie jars making for needy children.



Over the past four years we have seen our kehilla grow from 20 families to over 100 families, with the community enjoying exponential growth both in terms of numbers and activities.


Having outgrown two temporary locations, we will shortly complete construction on a permanent Beit Knesset housed in the campus of the AMIT High School Modiin, on the border of the Avnei Chen and Shimshoni neighborhoods.


The new purpose-built three hundred square meter site will serve as our community’s home for tefilla and children’s services on Shabbatot and Chagim, as well as hosting shiurim, lectures and other community events.

In addition, as a result of a partnership forged with the AMIT High School and the Modiin Municipality, the community will enjoy ongoing access to the school campus for our growing number of activities. During school hours, the Beit Knesset will function as a Beit Midrash for students, ensuring that the space is used to its full potential every day of the week.


Join us in building the future


Having seed-funded the project’s building costs through community donations and loans,  we are now seeking additional support to reach our target of 1.5 million shekels. This sum will enable us to complete the building and furnishing of the Beit Knesset.

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Emek Zvulun Street 4

Modi'in-Maccabim-Reut, Israel

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